Thursday, January 1, 2009

Big Surprise for Labour (Not)

A recent poll revealed that since the start of the latest Operation in Azza, Ehud Barack and his political party, Labour, has gained five seats for the upcoming Knesset elections in February 2009. Netanyahu's party, Likud, considered hawkish and therefore in line with this military action, gained two seats, and Kadima gained one seat. Olmert has at last done something to help rather than harm his colleagues.

Not a big surprise. There is nothing that generates more election (and economic) fever than a chaos and war.


Asher said...

Unfortunately for him, any of Netanyahu's gain doesn't make up for the votes he lost by moving Moshe Feiglin to the bottom of the list.

Doc said...

True, but in the end I would assume the right-ist parties would prefer a coalition with Likud rather than Labour or Kadima. It means that Netanyahu will have to work a little harder to get a majority.