Thursday, February 28, 2008

Shopping for Sderot

In the past few days, heavy bombing has increased not only over Sderot but also over Ashkelon. The army and the government say that this time they will "really" react, but so far nothing, except that public bomb shelters have been reopened.

Meanwhile, a new tradition has begun to support the stores and business owners in the area. People from all over the country are driving to Sderot to do their weekly grocery shopping, or to buy other items which apparently are cheaper than can be found in larger cities like Jerusalem or Tel Aviv.

I applaud the people of this country for supporting their brothers and sisters in business, but insist that we must take it at least several steps further. We must hold our leadership accountable and if they cannot find a solution to at least have quiet, if not a true peace, then someone else must be given the chance to succeed where they have obviously failed.

Maybe the next time George Bush or Dick Cheney visit our little country, they will actually visit Sderot, instead of taking a vacation at the taxpayers' expense, and ruining our economy.

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