Friday, December 14, 2007

Quitting by Example

The mayor of Sderot, the missile-ridden Israeli town, quit his position this week. The government has been absolutely unwilling to protect the citizens of this battered town, and has not provided funds to build protective areas, either for private homes or for the schools. Mayor Moyal could not live up to his basic campaign promise: to serve and protect the residents of Sderot.

Alon Davidi, Chairman of the Sderot security staff, responded with the following:
"We call upon the Prime Minister [Ehud Olmert] to follow in the footsteps of Eli Moyal and to resign from his position, because of his failure to ensure the security of the city's inhabitants."

Hear hear! Not only has PM Olmert failed to protect the citizens of Sderot; not only are the displaced Israeli citizens from Aza still homeless and unemployed, one and a half years later; but Olmert can't hold back his enthusiasm to displace the rest of the country's inhabitants. "Please," Olmert is practically begging the Arabs, "take the rest of our land. Make a Palestinian capital in the middle of West Jerusalem. Continue bombing our citizens and supporting terrorism until we have no where to live and no where to go." Pause. "I can always live in Paris with my wife and sons, and with my cigar collection."

If Olmert fails to take his cue from Eli Moyal of Sderot, perhaps the unpopular, power addicted PM should note the recent response of American Presidential candidate, Fred "Law and Order" Dalton Thompson. When asked why he had such short stint in the US Congress, he replied that he felt that he could not achieve his goals and help his constituents. When asked what about the best thing he did in fact accomplish in his time there, Thompson answered, "I left."


Asher said...

The best argument against Olmert is the government's argument in court as to why it hasn't reinforced the houses in Sederot against rocket fire.

It wasn't a claim that there isn't money in the budget ("We're spending too much money on our cronies").

It wasn't a claim that it's a temporary situation (if seven years can be called temporary).

It's that the government does not have a legal requirement to protect its own citizens.

Yes, Olmert admits that he doesn't care at all about the citizens of Israel, but he claims that he has a legal right not to do so.

How long until the revolution?

brucev said...

did the mayor of Sderot agree to the emptying of the Jews of Gaza?