Monday, December 17, 2007

Partners for Peace

Sunday Haaretz headline, front page: Hamas Vows to Never Recognize the Existence of Israel.

Summary: Over 20,000 participants in a rally celebrating the 20th anniversary of the founding of the extremist terror group, Hamas, chanted in unison, "We will never recognize the State of Israel." They then vowed to continue their war of terror until they had rid their supposed land of every last Jew, dead or alive.

Monday, Radio News: Reports from a terrorist website that over a year and a half ago, right after the three Israeli soldiers had been kidnapped, this Arab terrorist saw Gilad Shalit being led to a jeep by three Palestinians. At the time, the anonymous writer reports that Shalit was bloody and weak, and looked like he had at least several fractures, and not long to live.

Monday editorial piece by Moshe Arens, surprisingly printed by Haaretz, a usually left-wing newspaper: The Numbers Don't Lie

Summary: Arens, a respected right-wing Israeli politician presents the facts regarding Sderot and the Quassam missile strikes, pre and post Disengagement. The same Disengagement that was part of the continuing effort of Israel to treat the Arab population with consideration and kindness, to show that we honor our agreements.

Year, Quassam Strikes

2001, 4
2002, 36
2003, 155
2004, 281
2005, 179 (Year of the Disengagement)
2006, 946 (That would be a 529% increase!)
2007, 783 (so far...)

The numbers speak for themselves. Our so-called Arab peace partners will take advantage of our show of weakness and kindness, and the more we give, the more they will take.

And what is our Prime Minister Ehud Olmert doing about the situation? Trying to give away as much as he can, trying not to get arrested, and clinging desperately to his position of power.

Monday, Radio News: In what can be classified as the least surprising bombshell of the year, the Winograd Committee will sadly be unable to issue the report that would force Olmert to resign his position as Prime Minister. According to the news, the report is in the process of being "re-written," as it currently lists in excruciating detail all the failures and extreme mismanagement of Olmert and his cabinet during the war last year. Even the interim report will not be ready at least until after George Bush's visit to Israel in 2008, until such time as Olmert can damage his country and its citizens even more.

It should be noted that while many Israeli parents sent their sons to serve, and die, in Olmert's failed war, the Prime Minister's own children either fled the country, or proclaimed themselves Conscientious Objectors. No need for the leader of the country to potentially sacrifice his flesh and blood, let the plebeians suffer instead.

As Moshe Arens wrote, "No need to await the final [Winograd] report, the conclusion is clear...We are seeing daily a repetition of this failure in Sderot."

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