Monday, September 8, 2008

Sarah Palin's "Secret" Pregnancy

Sarah Palin hid her pregnancy until the seventh month because she did not want it to interfere with the business of being Governor. She gave a speech about Alaska oil drilling as her amniotic fluid was leaking out. She gave birth one month early, to a Special Needs child, and returned to work three days later.

Now the ambitious career woman/supposed hockey-mom is toting around young Trig (Have you read the names of her children? There ought to be a law against that...) to show what a fabulous parent she is, and using his Downs Syndrome as proof to all those who may have doubted her sincere and religious conviction against abortion.

Her fans call her a "tough lady" and a "great mom."

I disagree and find it somewhat despicable that the woman who chose to have her husband raise their children - when he is not racing across Alaska in a dog sled -is now using her family as a political ploy. No wonder her supposedly abstaining teenage daugther Bristol (Did you catch that name? There ought to be a law...) got pregnant, there are no parents in the house to truly guide her.


Asher said...

Now I've seen everything - a Barnard alumna who says that a woman can't be both a mother and have a career, and that having a father as the primary caregiver is wrong

Also, why is it that having an Anglo-Saxon name like "Bristol" is a problem, but another first name that starts with B and is also and Israeli politician's last name is okay?

It seems that it's time to come up with a DSM-IV code for "Democrat".

Doc said...

Heh heh, thems fightin' words.
1. Gloria Steinem, THE Barnard alumna, gave a speech when I was there (in the 1990's) and said that she was wrong, you cannot have it all. She continued to say that a woman must either choose family or career as a number one priority, otherwise both will suffer.
2. The most problematic name in Israel that I can think of is the entertainer Guy Pines, who has no problem with the fact that he prefers his name to be pronounced as the genital organ rather than the tree.
3. This registrered Democrat was going to vote for McCain, until he chose Sarah Palin as a running mate. Now I don't want Barack Obama to have a chance to be President, nor do I want Sarah Palin to have a chance to be Vice President. I am running out of candidates...

Doc said...

4. I have no problem with the father being the primary caregiver, as long he is actually home, and not fulfilling his macho fantasies in the middle of the Alaskan wilderness. (Or for that matter, behind the wheel while he is drunk.)

DYS said...

In the 1980's Sarah Palin worked for an Alaskan TV station as a sports reporter. (You can watch her reading some really old scores here:

She reportedly had aspirations of working for EPSN, which is headquartered in.... Bristol, CT