Saturday, May 10, 2008

Olmert's Arrogance

"I will resign from the post of Prime Minister if they manage to indict me on THIS [emphasis added] charge of accepting bribes and violating campaign law."

Which somehow implies that Olmert would never consider resigning with five other previous criminal investigations open against him.

Which somehow implies that he has no thought or consideration for the good name and honor of the country he represents, nor for his own reputation.

Which somehow implies that he has no itention of getting indicted on this or any of the other charges pending against him.

Olmert is already pointing the finger at two of his aides, saying that they were the ones who handled the money, and that if the money somehow ended up in his personal pocket, he was not an active conspirator. Once again, Olmert's staff will fall on his ever bloody sword, with the bizarre sense of loyalty that I would prefer to call political S and M.

He also had no problem speaking on Yom HaZikaron, comforting the families who have lost sons and daughters in battle, when his own children fled the country rather than serve in the army. With three of our most recent MIAs still not returned home, dead or alive, Olmert could look these families in the face with no shame, and play at being popular.

When George Bush visits this week, Olmert plans on plowing through public opinion and his low approval rating in order to give away more land to terrorists who will only use our weakness to their advantage.

How sad for Olmert that he does not have the balls to leave already, and how sad for us that Israelis have such a disheveled and dis-honorable state of leadership.

To end with a quote from Uzi Benziman, in his op-ed piece in Haaretz today entitled, He Cannot Continue:

"This judgment relates to his practical ability to continue as prime minister, ignoring for the purposes of this discussion the moral dimension of his behaviour...Olmert has the right to a fair trial. But the prime minister must realize that he has lost his ability to continue leading the State."

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