Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Day After Winograd

The headline in the newspaper screamed, "PM: I am vindicated". Because the final draft of the Winograd Report stated what everyone already knew, and removed the bits that placed personal responsibility onto Olmert.

OK, so the report said that the army screwed up, every division and footsoldier is to blame for the failure to reach the objectives of the war. OK, so the army was taking orders from their military superiors, who were consulting with the cabinet and senior staff of the government of Israel. OK, the cabinet was taking orders from...the Wizard of Oz?

What the headline should have read, was "Pay No Attention to the Man Behind the Curtain".

Once again, Olmert has refused to take the difficult responsibility that comes along with the position of Prime Minister of Israel. If read accurately, the report would tell him that he and his appointed cabinet, along with the army brass, do not know how to run a war and come out victorious. Olmert and his government do not know how to protect the citizens who elected him into power, citizens who coincidentally are under threat of war and terror on a regular basis.

It is time for Olmert to pack his bags and retire.

Though the calls for his resignation have gone down from 68% (pre-report) to 53% (post-report), our Arabs neighbors have lauded the results, saying that Olmert is now even weaker in their eyes. Which translates to more rocket attacks on Sderot, and more terror infiltrations in Israeli territory.

We Israelis deserve better leadership.

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