Saturday, November 3, 2007

Rock the Overseas Vote

If you are an American citizen living in Israel or anywhere overseas, go to this non-partisan site right now. It will take about ten minutes to fill in your details, and they provide with a completed and correct Federally-approved form. They even provide you with the exact mailing address of your local voting authority. All you need to do is buy a stamp and mail the letter.

The Presidential elections in 2008 will impact the future of the economic stability and national security for the United States, as well as its ripple effect on all nations on the planet. The next President will decide the fate of the soldiers being senselessly killed every day in Iraq and Afghanistan. The next President will the will affect the power base and status of United States of America.

Have your say, exercise your democratic right to vote. Don't let a little thing like geography stop you from changing the world, one vote at a time.

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Marina said...

Dear Rebecca,
Thank you for your providing U.S. citizens in Israel with a link to our website. We would love to have you be our outreach volunteer in Jerusalem. Would you have a bit of time?
Warm wishes and thanks again for helping us get out the vote,
Marina Mecl
Director,Voter Outreach
Overseas Vote Foundation