Sunday, October 14, 2007

Get the Nobel Prize, Save the World

First of all, kudos to former Vice President Al Gore, for being the first VP in history to not only win the Nobel Prize, but also an Oscar. Like other politicians before him, he has been able to turn his position and access into an asset, for the planet and its citizens; I personally hope he does not run for President in 2008, so that he may devote his time to the cause of the Gaea and her ecology. One recent report stated that after the year 2050, Planet Earth will not be habitable for humans, leaving only the roaches with their Devil Dogs as sustenance. At that point, I will G-d Willing be in my 80's and will have lived a full life, though I find it difficult to stomach that my children and grand-children will not be able to breathe the air or drink the water.

Another politician, former President Jimmy Carter is a far better ex-President, his project Habitat for Humanity has aided so many lower-middle class Americans. I do wish, however, that Carter would keep his nose out of Middle East negotiations, he already screwed Israel over once and we don't need any more "help" from the outside.

Recently, the television program "Commander in Chief" started airing in India and the Middle East, and I found their take on the possibility of a history-making female President intriguing. Clearly, Geena Davis - the star and Executive Producer -has no problem with a female in charge, as long as it is not Hilary Clinton. Bill Clinton as First Lady? Hardly. Donald Sutherland's portrayal of the gaunt, white haired, evil Republican Speaker of the House left me feeling terrified and impressed, and more determined than ever to reconsider all our choices for the next American President.

How much should shows like "Commander in Chief" or "The West Wing" influence the average American voter and the upcoming Presidential primaries? And can we really control the overwhelming and dangerous effect of the media and entertainment industry on every other aspect of society? That compartment of Pandora's Box will never be closed again, nor will the demons of politics be tamed, we can only hope that our leaders, locally and internationally, will internalize Al Gore's message, the imperative to save the planet, and therefore save humanity.


Asher said...

I used to say with pride that my high school could count seven Nobel Proze winners amongst its alumni. Now with Al Gore winning the "Peace" Prize, I see it as a badge of shame.

In my opinion, the major cause of global warming, to the extent that such a phenomenon is man-made, is the hot air coming out of Gore's mouth. I heard that the Prize Committee didn't want to give him the prize, but they were worried that he would keep whining about a recount so they decided to give in to the crybaby.

Doc Danzig said...

And giving Shimon Peres a Nobel Peace Prize was not a mockery?

Jonathan Ross said...

Oh good grief, the same Jimmy Carter who runs one of the foremost pro-arab anti Israel deconstructionist foundations in the world. This is the man who as President did nothing to resolve the Iran hostage crisis, let Islamic fundamentalism take over Iran in the first place and then presided over the Desert-One rescue debacle. This is the guy who gave us Hizbullah, Achminadjad.
But don't worry he's building nice homes for poor Shahidim who come to the US needing somewhere to live until they can commit there acts of skulduggery and terror.

Doc Danzig said...

As regards the Iran hostage crisis, what Carter didn't know is that Ronald Reagan, who became the beloved "Teflon" president, was working behind his back to set up his own deal, part of which, if you will remember, involved funneling weapons through Israel. It was not coincidence that the hostages got freed the day Reagan was sworn into office.
Furthermore, if you follow the objective cycles of the economy, neither Ford nor Carter had a chance, they were in the downswing of the cycle and Eureka, Mr. Ronald "Alzheimers for Both Terms" Reagan had a fantastic economy for which he took credit, and for which he deserves very little credit in fact, other than the effect of his cheery disposition.

Jonathan Ross said...

Great so you agree that besides being an Israel-hating Arabist, Carter was inneffective and inept and he didn't have Altzheimers.

They should have folowed Ross Perot's example. But the fact is that repetitive Democratic Presidents Carter, Clinton have promoted a weak foreign policy leading to Iran being where it is today.

I'm not even going to get into how Bin Laden and al Queda could have been stopped but for the Clintonesque lust for the Nobel. oh how he must despise Al Gore for being the man he could never be.

Doc Danzig said...

Though never particularly a fan of Clinton's code of Ethics, no one can say that he lacked intelligence; compared to our current Republican Daddy's Little Man in office, Clinton was a genius on the calibre of Einstein.
And yes, Clinton (like Reagan) got into office on upswing in the economy and benefited from the perception that he had something to do with it.
As far as the weakening of America's foreign policy and its effectiveness on the international front, that all ended when Bush Sr. pulled out of the first Iraqi war two days too early, so that the then alive Saddam Hussein could boast that he had beaten back the foreign Zionist Capitalist Devil, and it only strengthened his and other Arab despots control on power.