Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Rosh HaShanah Thoughts

In my head, I imagine the following encounter, and no, this is not the wind-up for a joke:

A Muslim, a Christian and a Jew all die around the same time, and are brought into the room with the Big Kahuna, to review the accomplishments of their lives.

They all immediately start clamoring, asking "Was I right?"

G-d asks them in return, "What do you mean? What do you think it means to be 'right?'"

And the Muslim justifies his actions of jihad by citing the Koran, and the Christian justifies his actions based upon the New Testament, and the Jew justifies his actions based upon the Torah. After all, in order for each to be right, the others must be wrong.

G-d laughs, and explains, when all three fail to understand, their faces fallen and confused.

Each of us is born into a specific set of conditions, a particular color of the skin, a particular race and religion; a two parent home, a single parent home, an orphan; wealthy or poor, educated or uneducated; healthy or sickly and weak. In each lifetime we live, every reincarnation, our temporary existence on planet Earth is meant to teach us something, to refine our soul. If we don't learn the necessary lessons this time around, and live a life of regret and waste, we come back, again and again. Our Karma will most certainly bite us on the Gluteus Maximus. And once we have almost achieved the pinnacle of our understanding, we choose to return to Earth not as punishment, but as a facilitator, to help along others who might need some nudging.

The Universal Power created all human souls, and all the intelligence in the world of Nature, and all the phenomenon that we cannot see nor possibly understand fully. We are all equally loved and all equally expected to (quote Spike Lee), "Do the Right Thing."

Here lies the essential question, after your current term in this collection of life experience, did you leave the world a slightly better place than when you entered? Did you treat all people and all living beings on the planet - most importantly, yourself - with honor and respect? When you woke up in the morning, could you look yourself in the mirror, or were you ashamed of your activities and behaviours of the previous day? Did you take full advantage of the gifts and strengths that you were granted, and did you actively work on your weaknesses?

Did you lead a life balanced between service and joy?

I wish everyone a sweet, happy and healthy New Year.

Peace out, and Stay Super.

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